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What Is The Neighborhood News Network®?

The Neighborhood News Network® platform delivers the neighborhood news residents need and want in a new and engaging format. Through MeSearch technology, Neighborhood News Network® sites deliver hyper-local content based on the reader’s geography, habits and interests. Readers are also encouraged to share stories, photos and videos of noteworthy news and events happening where they live.

These sites are built for reader engagement. Stories about local communities are published and updated throughout the day and readers can post news of their own, too. And, best of all – it’s FREE!

NNN Sites

Moving Your Publications Online

The Neighborhood News Network® can give an online presence to existing print publications or to community organizations wishing to launch a news publication in their area. The Neighborhood News Network’s® seamless online experience helps publications share their latest news and invites readers to share stories of their own.

Is your publication looking to go digital or expand your online footprint? Is your community lacking a source for hyper-local news? We can help.

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The Neighborhood News Network® is powered by MeSearch technology. MeSearch uses artificial intelligence to identify, curate and display content that will be of greatest interest to the reader.

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Becoming An NNN Contributor

The Neighborhood News Network® relies on involved community members and organizations to become regular contributors. Community and Trusted Contributors help share the stories that are important to their neighborhoods. So, join us. Launch a Neighborhood News Network® site in your community today.


Through MeSearch’s AI technology, the Neighborhood News Network® delivers content that will be of greatest interest to the reader based on their viewing habits. Partner publication sites are scraped for keywords that match with reader interests. This content then appears within their feed on the Neighborhood News Network®. Content from partner publications will be tagged with that publication’s logo and link directly to the partner’s site.


Often local businesses have announcements that they want to share over and above their normal advertisements. They celebrate milestones, receive awards and other recognition. They make renovations, upgrade their products and services or partner with a non-profit or community group. Business owners can also share their expertise and offer advice and recommendations. Businesses could share this information and more as a Trusted Contributor.

Community Groups

Local community groups are always looking for volunteers and promoting events. They need a fast, easy way to reach their community. As a Trusted Contributor, a community group could reach outside their normal network and spread the word about their great new service or recruit new members and volunteers.


Many neighborhoods host community yard sales, clean up days, block parties and other events or they have an issue with a pot hole, stop sign or trash pickup. As a Community Contributor an individual could post to the Neighborhood News Network® and spread the word.

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Getting Started

When an individual or organization posts news to a news site with strong domain authority, it extends their reach, adds legitimacy to their content and helps others find their content more easily through online searches.

Readers can post what is important to them and their community. Reporters can’t be everywhere all the time. Readers are encouraged to act as citizen journalists and share their own news and information to help keep their community informed:
  • Updates on youth or adult community athletic team or organization
  • Local road closure, construction project, water main break, power outage, downed tree or lost pet.
  • Birthday milestones, engagements, weddings and anniversaries.
  • Business milestone
  • Awards or other recognition
  • School news or updates
  • New business opening
  • Special announcement
  • Notable achievement
  • Changes to an organization's hours, products and/or services
  • Blog type post from industry, hobby or other area(s) of interest or expertise
  • Advertising flows into the content feeds within the site. Advertisements are tagged with an AD CONTENT tag. In additional, traditional ad units appear on the story pages.

    Businesses and individuals are not permitted to post in the interest of self-promotion i.e. promotional offers, merchandising, political campaigning, etc. Posts should be used as a means of relaying information that is of interest to the general public and not to sell products or services or campaign for a specific political candidate.
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