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Who the ‘Neighborhood News Network’ Is

Trib Total Media and 535media started the Neighborhood News Network® in May 2018. Trib Total Media offers a multimedia suite of products and services to its customers including daily and weekly newspapers and weekly shopperswebsites, digital advertising, direct mail, commercial printing and media planning services. And, together with its digital affiliate, 535media, the two companies launched the Neighborhood News Network® with its inaugural site, SewickleyHerald.com. Sewickley Herald is a popular weekly community newspaper in the Pittsburgh suburb of Sewickley, PA. The site thrived and additional sites were launched as companion sites to the 14 weekly community newspapers published by Trib Total Media. 

Today the Neighborhood News Network® is providing hyper-local news and events coverage to more than 30 neighborhoods across the Pittsburgh area, including 17 communities that do not have a print companion. The list of covered neighborhoods is growing and can be found at neighborhoods.triblive.com. 

NNN Statistics Infographic

5,000 New Stories Per Month

Thanks to our dedicated contributors, the Neighborhood News Network® is capable of outputting nearly 5,000 hyper local news articles each month.

296,000 Monthly Sessions

The Neighborhood News Network® averages 296,000 sessions per month where users browse across multiple pages and articles featured on the platform.

300% Increase in User Generated Content

Between September 2020 and October 2020, the Neighborhood News Network® experienced a 300% increase in User Generated Content (UGC) meaning more users are contributing to the platform.

100+ Social Media Posts Per Day

The Neighborhood News Network® makes sharing articles to your favorite social media sites easy. For that reason, NNN experiences over 100 shares to social media each day.

3 Pages Per Session

On average, users view about 3 pages per each session spent on the Neighborhood News Network® platform.

31 Hyper Local Community Sites

The Neighborhood News Network® is dedicated to providing users with hyper local news content housing 31 hyper local community sites.

80,000 Monthly Users

The Neighborhood News Network® provides hyper local news content to about 80,000 individual users per month.

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