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MeSearch algorithms continuously learn a reader’s habits, behaviors, and interests and will display content for that reader based on what the artificial intellegence has learned. Content is generated specifically for that reader and could include a news article, user-generated content, sponsored content, an advertisement, or even a product from an ecommerce site. In short, MeSearch finds relevant information and it supplies it to the person who needs it the most.

This technology allows for relevant content to find the reader on an individual level and allows for content to be sourced from a multitude of publishing sources. The MeSearch platform ingests content from the publisher and any of its licensed sources, such as the Associated Press, and automatically displays the content. This allows the platform to be focused on geographic communities (hyper-local), communities of interest (events, food, etc.), or completely personalized to the reader. The varieties of content products are endless using this platform.

As used in the Neighborhood News Network®, the platform also ingests content from other publishers that are not partners and provides links to the other publishers’ content if it is highly relevant to the reader and the community of interest.

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